Fountain pen ink color change “Pelikan 4001” blue-black


I use the fountain pen every morning to write my morning notes.

Since the ink I had been using was getting low, I bought a new one.

I decided to record the color change of the ink and write a blog about my favorite fountain pen.

Ink color comparison Immediately after opening and after 5 years

The new one is a beautiful dark blue (actually a bit darker than the picture)

The 5 year old ink is not in the blob, but the color is a dark grayish color.

Reason for color change

Pelikan 4001 Blue Black uses a chemical reaction between tannin and iron oxide to produce black color.

The reason why the ink color becomes darker black over time is because the iron ions in the ink are oxidized by the oxygen in the air.

The blue color is said to fade over time.

When you think about it, the ink smells a little iron-like or astringent. It smells a little iron-like or astringent.

It is different from calligraphy ink, water-based or oil-based sign pens, or ballpoint pens.

As an aside, I feel that when honey is added to black tea, it turns blackish and tastes astringent.

The tannin in the tea is discolored by the iron in the honey, similar to this ink color change.

Three good things about fountain pens

I have become more attached to my fountain pens as a result of the new ink I bought.

My favorite fountain pen is a Pelikan Souverain M400 (ink is inhalation type).

  1. It is easy to draw if it is the right length and thickness for me, and my handwriting looks better than with a regular ballpoint pen.

The shape of the nib of a fountain pen makes it possible to make letters thicker and lighter, and people often tell me that my handwriting is beautiful.

  1. I am more conscious of environmental issues.

Every time I refill my pen with ink from a bottle, I feel like I am contributing to the elimination of plastic.

I use refillable pens for my work outside the home, and recently I feel guilty when I throw away the refillable pens.

3.It has a beauty that is both visual and functional.

Pelikan fountain pens with a long history are not cheap.

When I used it, it was different from any other fountain pen I have ever used.
It looks beautiful in every detail, feels good in the hand, writes well, and has no ink clogging or nib problems.

Fountain pen care

No special care is taken.

When the ink runs out, refill it. That is all.

It seems to be a good idea to clean the pen every time you refill it with ink, but I am ashamed to say that I have never done so for the past five years.

Even so, I have never had any problems with ink clogging, leaking, or rusting nibs.

I can think of three reasons why I have been able to use it without any care, although it is of course due to the quality of the product.

1.I use it every day.

2.I don’t use a lot (I use it mostly for my morning pages that I write every morning).

3.I use it at home


If the time comes when I have to give up this fountain pen for some reason, I would surely get the same one again.

I use this fountain pen to write my「 morning pages」 every morning. I have never been able to keep a diary, but this is the only thing that keeps me going.