【Tetsubin】 Iron Supplementation with a Favorite Product Used Everyday


I am Fukuko.

I have been using an iron kettle for three months now to replenish iron, a nutrient that is often lacking in our diet.

I would like to introduce what I noticed when I started using it, what I paid attention to when I bought it, and how I use it every day.

The tetsubin is a traditional Japanese tool.

It is a kettle made of iron.

I’t true that white water boiled in an iron kettle tastes good!

It may sound exaggerated, but I still clearly remember the day I took my first sip.

It tasted so different from the other shiroyu I had drank in the past that I stopped for a moment.

I can describe the taste as “mild and mild without any curd. I can never go back to regular kettle.

Coffee, tea, and green tea will taste exceptional!

The taste and aroma of coffee and tea that I usually drink now taste and smell completely different. The taste and aroma of coffee and tea are now stronger and more delicious. I used to prefer to drink coffee with milk, but now I enjoy drinking straight black coffee.

Disadvantages of tetsubin

Heavy and easy to rust. These are two disadvantages.
So, here are some points to keep in mind when selecting an iron kettle and how to use it without rusting.

Four points to consider when selecting an iron kettle

This is a picture of the tetsubin I use every day.
It is important not only to look good, but also to be practical since it is used every day. There are four things I paid attention to when purchasing a tetsubin.

1.The inside is not coated

If the inside of the tetsubin has a coating to prevent rust, the boiled water will not contain iron. Before purchasing, we chose a tetsubin that is not coated on the inside.

2.Can be used with both induction and gas stoves

I use a two-burner induction heater for cooking at home. We chose one that can be used with both so that there will be no problem if we have to use a gas stove in the future.

3.Weight that can be held in one hand: If possible, we recommend that you try to hold the actual product in your hand. An tetsubin is thicker and heavier than a stainless steel kettle. Therefore, the larger the capacity, the heavier the tetsubin itself. When filled with water, the weight of the water in addition to the weight of the tetsubin may make it impossible to hold a tetsubin that is too large with one hand. Therefore, we checked the amount of water we wanted to boil at one time and chose a size that would hold the required capacity.

4.Preferred design: We were looking for a classic design, but chose our favorite design from the top three criteria.

How to use the tetsubin without rusting

  1. daily use

Ideally, use it every day, especially at the beginning of use, until the water stains. If it is not used for a long period of time, it may lead to rust.

Fortunately, I have had more time at home, so I have been using the tetsubin to boil water every day for the past three months.

  1. dry storage

After boiling water, use the water in the tetsubin while it is still hot or empty it into another container. Then I remove the lid and put it over the fire to let the water fully evaporate.

I use a warming pot to transfer the boiled water.

 3.If you wash them, rinse them only. Don’t scrub too hard.

Unlike ordinary kettles, you need to be careful how you wash them.

As you use the kettle, hot water stains will gradually form on it, which will prevent it from rusting. If you wash the kettle with detergent or a sponge, the water stain will come off and the rust-preventive effect will be lost.

Progress of 3 months of use

This is a picture of the inside of the tetsubin.

At first it was as black as the outside, but it is gradually turning white. This white stuff is a mineral in the water and is said to be a hot water stain. This is said to be a rust inhibitor.


I started using the tetsubin for the purpose of daily iron replenishment, but now my daily hot drinks taste better just by boiling water as usual, and my quality of life has improved. I would like to continue to live a healthy and delicious daily life by using the tetsubin.